Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Article "How to Host a Great Code Camp" in July 2008 INETA newsletter

I wrote an article titled "How to host a great CodeCamp" in the July 2008 INETA newsletter based on our user group's experience hosting the Lansing Day of .Net on June 21, 2008, which by all accounts was a great success. The newsletter presented the article this way:

User Group Above and Beyond - This Month: Joe Kunk
This month we recognize Joe Kunk, President of the Greater Lansing (MI) User Group for .Net (or GLUGnet ), and his team for delivering an over the top experience in their first CodeCamp. Unlike any CodeCamp that I have ever heard of, they involved more than just techies, but included a closing keynote by the Mayor of Lansing and coverage by two local TV News stations. Continuing with his style of going above and beyond, Joe has written an article for this month's newsletter on what it takes to run a successful CodeCamp.

Read his article on How to Host a Great CodeCamp

About Joe Kunk:
Bio: Joe Kunk serves as President of the Greater Lansing User Group for .Net (GLUGnet) with independent monthly meeting locations in both East Lansing and Flint MI, co-founder of Listen IT Solutions (a mortgage software company), board member of the Lansing IT Networking Council (LINC), Senior Consultant at A. J. Boggs, Inc., and a great supporter of the .Net community. Joe has 25 years experience in the IT industry and wrote his first for-hire application on the Commodore Pet.

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