Saturday, February 03, 2007

Back to Basics

As Vice-President of the user group GLUGnet (Greater Lansing User Group for .Net), I work with the other Board members to help bring in guest speakers each month that explore the latest technologies. Focusing on what is new and interesting is appropriate for a monthly 90-minute presentation, and we will continue to do so.

That said, many of our members are newer to the .Net platform and would appreciate and benefit from more introductory material to help them successfully traverse what is clearly a substantial learning curve. The curse of a rich framework and a sophisticated development environment is that there is a lot to learn!

To address this need, I will start posting here a series of "Basics.Net" blog posts that will explain core concepts, with examples in both VB.Net and C#. These posts will be "bite-sized" in that each will cover only a single concept and can be reviewed and committed to memory in 15 minutes or less. Whenever possible, the significance of the concept will be included, making it easier to mentally organize the concept within the greater .Net concept space. I am confident that you will find these posts to be a fresh and useful treatment of the concepts.

I am happy to offer this service to our GLUGnet members or any other member of the .Net community. I am happy to accept suggestions for topics that are of interest, so please let me know of any topics or concepts that you would like to have covered.

Joe Kunk

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