Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Awesome presentation by Joe Stagner

On July 20th, the Greater Lansing User Group for .Net (www.glugnet.org) was honored to host Joe Stagner as speaker. Joe is a program manager for ASP.Net at Microsoft. Joe spent 90 minutes demonstrating the capabilities of Microsoft's Atlas, their implementation of Ajax. It was very impressive to see what this technology can do in terms of providing a much richer and more responsive user experience in ASP.Net web pages.

After the meeting, I heard several user group members say that it was among the best presentation that they had ever atttended at GLUGnet. Another member told me that he went back to the office the next day and implemented Atlas in his current ASP.Net project and was able to demonstrate a much nicer interface to his supervisor by the end of the same day. Great stuff!

I want to extend a very sincere "Thank You!" to Drew Robbins, the Microsoft Developer Evangelist that was instrumental in making Joe Stagner available to GLUGnet and to other Michigan user groups that week.

Needless to say, if you ever get the chance to hear Joe Stagner speak at a user group or conference, don't miss it!

Joe Kunk


Anonymous said...
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Joe Kunk said...

Ted, I can be reached at joekunk at gmail dot com. Talk to you soon. Joe.