Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Great free DHTML pop-up calendar for ASP.NET

A current project requires the ASP.Net web page to prompt for a Start Date and an End Date.

To make data entry easier for the user, I wanted to provide a small calendar icon that pops-up a monthly calendar which can be used to fill the ASP:textbox field that will be used to hold date. I found many commercial solutions but I was looking for something for free.

The requirements of the calendar are:
1. A small pop-up that does not overwhelm the screen
2. Ability to move prev/next year as well as prev/next month
3. Does not shift around the contents of the page when it appears
4. Honors the date in the text field, i.e., changing the date field then changes the default date for which the calendar appears.
5. Available at no charge.

I have found just such a control and it works GREAT!. The link to this great work of Javascript is Dynamic HTML Lab Pop-up Calendar 1.2.

The only change I made was to modify the javascript to default to Sunday as the first day of the week, to default the date format to mm/dd/yyyy, and to allow javascript and all its images to exist in a sub-folder to avoid cluttering up the application's main folder. Feel free to email me at joekunk at gmail.com if you wish to get a copy of the sample Calendar.aspx page that I used to ensure it was all working properly.

I hope you find this helpful.


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Anonymous said...

Does it just make up HTML tags? So much for w3c standards.