Monday, October 10, 2005

Finally a great utility for managing Internet bookmarks

I work on several computers, a laptop, a desktop, a server, etc. It has always frustrated me that my Internet Explorer bookmarks are different on each PC. For years I have wanted access to all my saved bookmarks, on any of my computers that I routinely use, or from any other computer via a web page.

I finally found it. The web site allows you to create a free member account where a master copy of all your bookmarks are stored. You download a small utility for your system tray that allows you to upload your current bookmarks and then provides easy one-click access to your bookmarks at any time. Add or delete a bookmark? The other computers are automatically synchronized with the same change. It is as if all the bookmarks are coming from a single shared directory. Wonderful!

If you are on a computer that does not allow you to install software, like a library PC, you can access all your bookmarks as a web page by signing into your account on the Sync2It web site.

And best of all, this service is provided free of charge.

This service has made my internet browsing so much more productive - I just love it. Try it out, I am confident you will be impressed.

Joe Kunk

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Joe Kunk said...

I mentioned in this article that the service was free. There is a small fee after the initial trial period, still well worth it. I have it on all the computers I use and I just love having access to all by bookmarks whenever I want, and even to be able to use them from a secure web page when visiting friends. Awesome! Joe.