Thursday, August 11, 2005

Two VB.NET blogs you don't want to miss

Today I ran across two blogs about Visual Basic that are awesome resources.

The first is the blog from the Visual Basic .Net IDE team. From their introduction, "This blog is hosted by the program managers, developers, and testers who work on the Visual Basic Integrated Development Environment (VB IDE). " This blog has an awesome FAQ and further tips on the cool new feature of Code Snippets. Other topics include code generation for overrides, a snippet editor, refactoring tool, new debugger features, and an awesome list of the 10 best new features in Visual Basic 2005. It can be found at

The second is "Don't be Iffy" by Julie Lerman. This is a extensive informal blog by a self-employed programmer who clearly loves programming and Visual Basic.Net. Her personality really comes through on her blog. I think you will find it both informative and enjoyable.

Joe Kunk

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