Sunday, December 29, 2013

My First Pluralsight Course Released

I am very happy to announce that my first Pluralsight course has gone live! The course have been over a year in the making. The topic is the Windows Azure Marketplace and can be found here.

The two-hour course details the 160+ cloud-scale data sets available in the marketplace that provide interesting and useful data from around the world, with over half of the data sets offering at least some free level of access. The data can be easily downloaded into Excel or incorporated into any .NET application. I highly recommend browsing the datasets in the Marketplace to see which ones are of interest to you, then watch my course to learn how to take full advantage of them.

Not only is the Marketplace a great place to locate and consume useful data, it is also a place where you can easily publish your own data on a global level (currently 88 countries). It is your choice to offer the data for free, for a monthly subscription fee, or both. It truly is a great money-making opportunity.

The Windows Azure Marketplace is a little-known but very exciting offering and I am sure you will enjoy learning more about it.  If you don’t currently have a Pluralsight subscription, you can get a 10-day free trial here.


Joe Kunk
Okemos, MI USA

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bkboggy said...

Congratulations on your first course! Can't wait to see more content from you.