Monday, January 09, 2012

Headed to CodeMash

Eric Vogel and I will be heading down to Sandusky OH for CodeMash on Tuesday afternoon. CodeMash is held each year at the Kalahari resort and is both educational and a lot of fun. What I like most about it is the diversity of developers among many technologies way outside the .Net space. I always come  back with a fresh perspective and a head full of new ideas. With over 1300 attendees, many flying in from all over the country, that is guaranteed to happen. If you are attending CodeMash this year, please be sure to stop me and say hello.

If you want to attend CodeMash in 2013, there are a couple thing you must remember to do. First, follow @codemash on twitter and announcements on the web at There is a google group as well.

Next, the hotel rooms are made available well in advance of the actual tickets sales. Grab a room reservation as soon they are announced available – if you wait until you get your tickets, it will be too late. There is a small cancellation fee if you don’t get tickets, but rooms are always in demand and you can transfer the reservation to someone else at no charge.

Be ready to purchase your event ticket as soon as they become available. The date and time is announced in advance. This year, the 1300+ tickets sold out in 90 minutes and there was such a rush that it crashed EventBrite, so keep your keyboard warm and ready on registration day and keep retrying even if the site crashes.

Hope that helps.

Joe Kunk
Microsoft MVP Visual Basic
Okemos, MI USA
January 9, 2012


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