Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Microsoft MVP Profile

Every so often I get asked for the link to my Microsoft MVP profile. It is too long to remember so I always have go to the MVP Quick Search page and search for myself.  To make easier for myself and others to find that page, below is the link to my MVP Profile.  My MVP ID number is 4024553.
I update this MVP Profile page every couple months with anything new that I have done related to the .Net community, so it is a good one-stop location to see what I have been up to professionally. The last update was December 9 2011.

Joe Kunk
Microsoft MVP Visual Basic
Okemos MI USA
December 2011

Update: Caio Proiete kindly pointed out that each MVP has a custom URL that goes to the same page. For me, that URL is:
Thanks Caio!

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Caio Proiete said...

Hey Joe,

You know you can also use your custom URL right?


Caio proiete