Monday, January 17, 2011

SQL Database Discovery Presentation at CodeMash 2011

On Friday January 14th, I was honored to give the presentation at CodeMash 2011  “Get Productive with that SQL Server Database Now”.   I shorted it in the slide deck to “SQL Database Discovery”.

The talk is an extension of my On VB article published in Visual Studio Magazine in August 2010, “How to Get Oriented with a New Database”.

The presentation centered around strategies for quickly getting productive with a large and complex SQL Server database that you have never seen before, assuming you have been provided with the sa password (or equivalent) and no other documentation or guidance.

The presentation showed dynamic queries that can be run to determine schema information, a Visual Basic .Net demo program to display those values, inexpensive third-party tools that can help, Glenn Berry’s database profile queries, and a stored procedure that can all the occurrences of a specific data value throughout the database.

The third-party tools demonstrated were Red Gate SQL Doc to view hyperlinked SQL schema information, Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect corporate edition to draw an entity-relationship diagram from the database, and Visual Studio 2010 Premium edition to import the schema as a database project.

The full presentation slides, demo program, and stored procedures can be downloaded from here.

Hope that helps.

Joe Kunk
Microsoft MVP Visual Basic
Okemos MI USA
January 17, 2011

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