Sunday, January 03, 2010

What's New in Visual Basic 2010


This list is a subset of the documentation available from Microsoft on their MSDN site, provided as a learning resource. Click here to see the full page. 

Quiz yourself to see which features you fully understand.  Click the topic to see an explanation of the topic.  Note that this list is based on a unreleased version of the software and is subject to change in later releases.  Please provide updates via the comments section below.


Visual Basic Compiler and Language

Integrated Development Environment


New Visual Basic Language Samples


Hope that helps.

Joe Kunk
Microsoft MVP
Okemos MI USA
January 3, 2010


Anonymous said...

same sorry shit we get from almost every mvp - a copy and paste of someone else's list with no new information. MVP means nothing.

Joe Kunk said...

I'm sorry you were disappointed with this post. The announcement of Visual Studio 2010 was still fresh at the time of this post.

I tried to make it fun by suggesting you quiz yourself from the list, and I tried to make the list a useful reference by taking the time to link each feature back to the MSDN help topic for full detail, as well as the VB Samples.

Vijay Jagdale said...

Nothing disgusts me more than meaningless drive-by crap. Joe, the remark from "anonymous" does not deserve a response and I'd delete it all if I were you.