Saturday, May 02, 2009

Windows 7 RC will not install if running on battery

I was trying to upgrade my Windows XP laptop to Window 7 Release Candidate while doing laundry.  The dryer buzzed and like a true geek, I did not want to hold up my Windows 7 upgrade for any reason.  I took the laptop with me on battery power with the intention of answering any installation prompts while I hung up my clothes. 

Unfortunately, after it copied all its temporary files over to the hard disk, the Windows 7 installation informed me that it could not install while on battery power.  The only option was to go back on on A/C and start the upgrade over.

So much for saving time on the upgrade.  I had similar experiences when I try to save money too ...  Apparently I am not that good at either sometimes ...

Hope that helps

Joe Kunk
Microsoft MVP VB
Okemos, MI


Braydon said...

hmm....waiting for that to came up on my laptop now lols dont know if the charger is working :)

Dmitris said...

moreover, for me the windows 7 RC does not even work on battery, and does not boot as well. it used to run fine on xp though. hope its something to be solved in near future.