Saturday, May 16, 2009

Webinar on Developer Express XtraReports a Success

As mentioned in my previous post, I appeared in the first episode of a new DevExpress webinar series where DevExpress customers share their experiences with various DevExpress products.  XtraReports is a great tool and I wanted to show the tips that, based on my experiences, would be most helpful to a corporate report developer.

My webinar covered:

  • How to create a winforms report from scratch that calls a parameterized database stored procedure and still allows the report to be previewed in the report designer despite the requirement for a parameter value .
  • How to easily migrate the report to as ASP.Net 2.0 web application or ASP.Net website without any report changes.  This can serve as the basis for a windows-to-web reports migration strategy.
  • How to easily add calculated fields and grouping footers with summary values.
  • How to combine multiple independent reports together with consistent page numbering across the combined reports – often eliminating the need for subreports.

I am happy to report that over 1,500 people signed in to listen to the free live webinar.  Unfortunately the webinar room had a limited capacity and not everyone was able to view it live.

In case you missed it, the recording of the full webinar can be found here.

I mentioned at the beginning of the demo that I recorded it in advance with TechSmith Camtasia Studio without any audio and did a live voice-over while playing the demo video, pausing it to elaborate on key points when demonstrated in the video.  This worked very well and I would recommend this technique to anyone doing a live webinar with demos.  I was able to ensure a clean demo and I felt a lot more comfortable going over the demo during the webinar as I knew what was coming up next and did not have the fear of messing up the demo with a nervous typo.

I was not able to cover all the great features of XtraReports that I wanted to in the limited time available.  I hope to do a second webinar sometime soon to cover the next set of features.

I want to thank Ray, Kevin and everyone else at DevExpress for hosting me in their Glendale CA offices and allowing me to be a part of the gang there and in the TechEd booth on Monday and Tuesday.  I felt very welcome.  You are all great people and I really enjoyed my time with you.

Joe Kunk
Microsoft MVP VB
Okemos, MI USA

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Rachel Hawley said...

Was great to see you again Joe. Hope you got home safely.

Hopefully we'll get together again soon.

Best wishes as ever,