Sunday, January 11, 2009

CodeMash 2009

I returned late Friday night from 4 days at CodeMash 2009.  This was my first attendance at CodeMash and I have to say it was an awesome conference.  My hats off to Jim Holmes and the entire crew for making it a fantastic event for 500 geeks.  I really liked the idea of having at a water park so that it could be a family friendly event as well, even though my family was not able to make it.

Highlights were the Microsoft Influencers Summit on Tuesday night, coding in Ruby for the first time on Wednesday morning, playing with the Microsoft Surface for the first time, many great talks (below), and seeing many prior friends and making new ones.  For the limited cost and excellent environment, this is a conference that should not be missed and I will continue to attend as often as I can.

Sessions that I attended and completely enjoyed were:

Keynote by Venkat Subramaniam

Three Tips to Improve Your Dev Process, presented by Jim Holmes

A Programmers Guide to User Experience, presented by Josh Walsh

Thrashing, presented by Mary Poppendieck

Modeling types with extension methods, presented by Bill Wagner

Practices of an Agile Developer, presented by Venkat Subramaniam

Managed Extensibility Framework, presented by Drew Robbins

Sessions that I wish I could have gone to?  All the rest!

Joe Kunk
Microsoft MVP
Okemos, MI


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