Tuesday, December 04, 2007

VistaDB Table Index Names May Repeat Across Tables

A common database storage requirement is for the items contained in a drop-down list on the user entry/update form. I've seen these items referred to as a PickList or LOV for List-Of-Values. While all PickList values across the application could be combined into a single table, I've usually seen separate tables for each of the application's major PickList sets.

I'm currently working on an application with almost two dozen PickList tables. To make working with them easier, the table schemas are identical except for the first field, the identity seed primary key field.

The data import routine needs to determine if an incoming field is already contained within its corresponding PickList table or not. To make searching easier, I created an index for the display-text field on each of the PickList tables.

To make coding easier, I wanted the index name to be identical on each of the tables, but I was concerned that might cause a problem. Turns out that it was fine, VistaDB had no problem allowing me to create identically named indexes across all the PickList tables. Good news! :<)

Hope that helps.

Joe Kunk
Okemos, MI

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Jason Short said...

You are correct, sir! VistaDB has no problem with that scenario. Like the blog, keep up the good work!